Myrna Loy Center Grants to Artists Program

Application deadline: 5:00 pm - Friday, March 14, 2014

Are you a working artist, writer, or musician living in Lewis & Clark, Broadwater, or Jefferson County? Are you currently working on a specific project that requires just a little funding to complete?

The Myrna Loy Center has launched its 2014 Grants to Artists program. This year we have $5,000 in grant funds. We seek to use these funds as effectively as possible. We will consider grant requests up to $2,000.   


Friday, March 14: All grant applications must be submitted to the Myrna Loy Center by 5:00 pm.
Friday, March 28 : Grant winners are publicly announced at opening night of Uncle Vanya.
January 31, 2015: All funded projects must be completed

Who is eligible:

Applicant must be a working artist in any media (visual, musical, performing). A working artist is defined as one who is dedicated to producing artwork on a regular basis.
Applicant must reside in Lewis & Clark, Jefferson, or Broadwater County
Applicant may not be a current employee or board member of the Myrna Loy Center
Previous grant recipients may apply; however, However, 2013 recipients are not eligible for the 2014 cycle.
Applicant must be an individual artistóno groups or organizations. Collaborations will be considered.

What kind of projects are funded:

How to apply:

  1. Complete the Grants to Artists Application form below. The more thoughtfully and completely you fill out your application form, the better feel the committee will have for your project.
  2. Submit examples of your work on paper, CD, or DVD. It’s OK to email jpgs if you want. Please include enough examples, or a large enough sample, to fully represent the quality, nature, and direction of your work.
  3. Your application, with support materials, must reach the Myrna Loy Center by 5:00 pm Friday, March 14. Any applications arriving after that time will be rejected. (We’re giving you lots of lead time; it’s not that complicated.) The Myrna Loy Center is at 15 N Ewing, just north of the corner of Ewing and Broadway.
  4. If you have any questions, email Krys Holmes at

How projects are selected:

Every grant application is reviewed by the Grants to Artists committee, which includes artists from a variety of media (visual, film, ceramic, musical, literary), one Myrna staff person and a representative from our Board of Directors. If we have questions about your project or think you left out important information we will contact you during the review period. Our Grants committee is open, enthusiastic, supportive, and is made up of artists, so their goal is to provide the most meaningful help possible within our limited means.
            The committee is free to make its own decisions based on the applications received. In the past, the committee selects according to the following critieria:

  1. Does the project interest and excite the committee on an artistic, aesthetic, or cultural level?
  2. Is the project well designed and thoroughly thought out? (In other words, does it look like it has a reasonable chance of being successful?)
  3. Could a small grant like ours make a meaningful difference in the project and/or in the career of the artist?

What you might get:

The Myrna Loy Center offers granting funds (a total of $5,000 in 2014) to fund artistic projects in many media. In addition, we also offer Spotlight Grants, which are non-monetary grants in the form of performance or exhibit opportunity, technical assistance, equipment or supplies, onstage rehearsal time, a film screening, video editing equipment, or other use of the Myrna Loy Center resources. The committee may opt to offer a combination of both kinds of assistance if applicable.

What you should expect:

All applicants will be notified by email after the committee makes its decisions.
If you receive a grant, you will be required to sign an agreement assuring that the cash award will be used to the ends stated in the proposal. Grant payments are usually made on a reimbursement basis, and costs must be accrued before Dec 31, 2014. The agreement will state what the funds will and will not cover. If your grant applies to one portion of a larger project, you may be asked to submit progress reports periodically.
If your project is not chosen for a grant this year you may request feedback about your proposal. Deliberations and decisions are made by the committee, and the Myrna Loy Center stands behind them. So if you don’t receive a grant this year, please try again.

About the Myrna Loy Center Grants to Artists Program:

The Myrna Loy Center Grants to Artists program is one of the few grant programs in the Northwest designed specifically to assist individual artists in completing current works. The program is part of the Myrna Loy Center's mission to support the creation of new works by Montana artists. All grants are funded entirely by private funds raised by the Myrna Loy Center. Over the years the program has contributed significantly to the careers of many Helena-area working artists, composers, and writers, some of whom have gone on to national success, and most of whom are still creating art.
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