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Myrna Loy E-News


August 3, 2017 - 7:30


Eclectic Americana band with blistering 5-part harmonies, the juice of bluegrass on steroids, and a raucous Celtic heartbeat, stopping by the Myrna on their way from Calgary Folkfest.  Parsonsfield is known for its high energy and sonic evolution.

Their 2016 album, “Blooming Through the Black,” was recorded (on vinyl, no less) in a shuttered axe factory in Collinsville, CT, “an island of old Americana amongst a vast ocean of suburbia.” This is a group that has survived its struggles and triumphs, and are turning that energy into the desire to find rebirth and create anew.

“A lot of string bands like to talk about how they are innovating, but Parsonsfield actually delivers on that promise…their sound kicks out the windows of what most people think of folk and bluegrass.”  (Folk Alley)

Why we invited them:

Innovation, bravery, energy. We can’t stop listening to them, and you won’t be able to either.