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Development Director Job Description

The Myrna Loy Center is one of the premiere rural arts organizations in the nation, recognized throughout the field for bringing culturally significant performances and films with high artistic merit into rural Montana. Artists, agents, and funders across the country view the Myrna Loy as a reliable, high-quality, prestigious arts presenter of integrity and creativity.

The Myrna Loy is engaged in an exciting program to strengthen and grow. The next few years will be a fulfilling, rewarding time to work with the Myrna’s excellent team to deepen community ties, develop new fundraising opportunities, and increase the Myrna Loy’s presence in the region.

The Myrna Loy is looking for a skilled, energetic Development Director to work closely with staff, board, and volunteers to increase overall fundraising. We expect this team member to build on the Myrna’s established fundraising program, to focus in particular on major donor development, and to create robust new programs to help move the organization forward.


  • Manage ongoing fundraising program: Work with the Executive Director and other staff, Fundraising Committee and other board members, and volunteers to conduct and build upon the Myrna Loy’s current Development schedule that includes fundraising events, membership program, business sponsorships, and major donor development.
  • Create plan for increasing fundraising income: Create, with Executive Director, a 3-year plan for increasing business sponsorships, memberships, and major donations 30% by 2019.
  • Collaborate on donor communications: Work with staff and volunteers to manage/update the database, keep donor communications current, and coordinate social media and other marketing/ communications tasks that pertain to fundraising.
  • Contribute to the team: Collaborate with E.D., marketing team, and all other staff members, maintaining healthy and positive communication and teamwork with all. Teamwork and collaboration are a core part of the Myrna’s operating culture.
  • Tend to volunteers: Recruit and manage volunteers for special events, ushering, operations, and other volunteer needs.
  • Manage fundraising budget: Keep track of expenses, help develop annual fund-raising budget, regularly monitor budget vs. actuals
  • Maintain grace and sense of humor: Imperative at all times.



  • Proven ability to raise money for a non-profit, manage a budget, function well as part of a collaborative creative team, and meet deadlines
  • Comfort asking for and planning for major donations and legacy gifts
  • Passion for developing and nurturing relationships
  • Ability to inspire others (volunteers, board members) to get the job done
  • Ability to manage multiple projects
  • Able to work some evenings and weekends
  • Commitment to the mission of bringing soul-sustaining arts experiences to Helena, nurturing local artists, and fostering a life-long love of the arts through arts education experiences for all ages.
  • Desire to help the Myrna Loy grow into a new phase in its life story.

Please send resume and a cover letter describing why you’d be a great candidate to: [email protected]


Fund Development

  1. Conduct fund development activities to achieve the goals outlined in each year’s Annual Budget, working closely with Executive Director. This includes donor and sponsor cultivation, meetings/appointments, and followup
  2. Coordinate fund-raising events, with special event planning committees and with staff
  3. With the Executive Director, create a 3-year plan for increasing contributions in all fundraising activities including membership, business sponsorships, major donors, and events by a percentage to be determined through assessment of current opportunities
  4. Conduct and implement the 3-year plan. This includes setting and monitoring interim fundraising goals, with regular assessment of progress and accountability

Board Development

  1. Meet individually with Board members to identify and utilize each member’s unique assets to further the mission and fundraising goals of the Myrna Loy Center
  2. Provide ongoing fundraising support to the Board of Directors

Volunteer Management

  1. Assist Executive Director, Board, and staff in recruiting, training, and working with volunteers on fund-raising and other activities
  2. Maintain positive volunteer communications


  1. Collaborate with staff/volunteers on donor communications and thank-you acknowledgements
  2. As directed by Executive director, represent the Myrna Loy and provide visibility to the business community, other organizations and individuals to enhance and maintain public support
  3. Attend staff meetings
  4. Attend Board meetings as able and appropriate
  5. Meet weekly with Executive Director